Posted: April 21, 2009 in austin carroll

This Sunday I raced ZELLIK – GALMAARDEN with Chris Barton, Kirk Carlsen Cole House, Christopher Monteleone and Eric Bennit. The race was 170k with and going up climbs: two times up the Murr, 5 Times up the Congoberg and 6 times up the Bosberg. I knew that the race was going to lose a lot of riders going up the climbs so I was saving myself for the local laps. I knew that it was going to be hard. My legs felt great, I had a head cold that hit me hard and that was just annoying. I was staying near the front so I was not in any trouble from riders getting dropped. As we came to the Muur for the first time there was a big crash right in front of me. I locked up the rear wheel and was looking where I was going to crash. Luckily I was able to miss hitting him. We were on a big road and descending and had to take a right on a small road, some of the guys went down, then 30 seconds later there was another crash. A guy ran into Barton and ripped his derailer off and took all the spokes out. I did not know at the time what happened to the guys. I figured they got stuck behind the crashes. It was just Cole and I for awhile and Barton made it back on. When I hit the local lap I noticed that I could not find any of the guys. I sat in the last four local laps. I would just move up as I was getting close to the climbs. On the last lap I moved up and was sitting behind two lead outs. I was feeling strong all day. With a little less then 500m I hit a pot hole really hard and my rear tire blew up. Went from the front to 77 really fast. I started ZLM it did not go well I got pushed of the road in the crosswind and lost my good position the race road away from me…….



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