Back Home….

Posted: June 2, 2009 in austin carroll

I am back in the USA still dont have a computer but good thing my little bro has one. Doing some recovering after crashing  on my face on Friday then crashing again on Sunday. With that stay tuned!!!

  1. Blake says:

    Hey Austin, glad to hear that you are home and in one piece. After you computer died, I missed following your adventures and racing. By the way, I just read the latest VeloNews and enjoyed seeing some Chris and yourself in the article on Izegem. Hard to believe you guys are now racing in Europe since it just seems like you were racing the local MTB races yesterday. I had to have some surgery at the end of April so that slowed down my riding for the year but tomorrow I get to go out and ride my MTB again (Teresa gave me the OK!). Enjoy your time at home and please send me your schedule so if you race loacally I can come and see you. Keep the rubber side down and talk with again soon.

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