The circuit race

Posted: July 15, 2009 in austin carroll

The circuit race was fast with a steep climb up to the finish. All day the sun was out and it was nice out when the team road in the AM. Barton got into the early break but was  chased down. Soon after Tony Cruz was in a break of four. I was having trouble with the excelerations out of the turns. Not racing for a while sucks a lot. That’s the stuff you can only get from racing your bike. The race got a little harry when the skies opened up and rained.   Not like the normal rain drops it was a down pour, big drops that really hurt.   It made the race really sketchy on the long fast down hill. At one point on the decent the guy in front of me crashed and was sliding right in front of my wheel, to avoid him I turned to go off the road going towards some grass. I was able to miss hitting the guy. With Tony in the break you can only really follow moves and with my legs confused of why I had gone hard two days in  a row I was just tried to stay out of trouble at the front. Tony stayed away, we could see the break when we hit the base of the hill. Tony finished 4.


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