Back in Europe

Posted: July 17, 2009 in austin carroll

I am back in Europe racing with the US National team.  I am excited to be  back. Getting to Europe in the AM and having to stay up all day makes you feel like you are awake but in a fuzzy dream.  The day is in slow motion. I  always build my bikes as soon as I can 1.  to see it they made the trek over here 2. one less thing to have to do.  There was one point in the  day where I was not going to make it with out taking a very long nap which if I did that I wouldd be getting up way to early and feeling good to go. It was not raining so I went on a nice spin that turned into a nice tempo ride. Then over in the distance, the clouds were dark and coming at me fast. The wind was picking up and I picked the right  way to ride. I had a tail   wind most of the ride with a crosswind on the way  back. I started to get rained on at that point I wanted noting to do  with that so this is when the tempo started. With having fresh airplane  legs this was not an ideal situation. After getting back from the ride  I was full of energy for about 20 minutes and wanted to go lay down  and sleep. I was able to make it over the hump. Then for some reason when I went to bed I just layed there so exhausted from the long day traveling I was having a hard time falling asleep. My body was on 3pm back home and I dont sleep at 3pm at home.Now getting up is another hard task that does not come easy for me. Thank you jet lag our battle countues….



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