Posted: July 22, 2009 in austin carroll

Raced in INGELMUNSTER which is the town next to Izegem where I live in Belgium. With a short ride to the start, resituated and pinned my numbers. I still had 45 minutes before the start. The weather was not looking promising. As I sat on the sidewalk I felt a few rain drops looked at the sky and shooed my fist and yelled you better not rain today. It worked out well instead I got super strong winds all day instead. I was not going to do anything for the first part of the race. These races always start hard and stay hard and I was not going 100% off the gun. I waited till I was feeling good and started to race hard. Iggy got in a move and was away up the road. Because it’s more of a training race for us I was not too worried about brining guys up to him. I wanted a day on the bike and I was going to get in the break and I was not going to sit back in the peloton. I attacked hard on the tail wind part of the course and a few guys came. I did not look back till I hit the turn on where the crosswind started I wanted it to stay. The peloton was not far behind and I stayed on the front and did another big pull. I got the guys with me to start working and it was a nice rolling echelon moving nicely throughout the small farm roads. The group rolled for a long time without seeing anyone.  With 5 laps to go we got our first glance of the break. It took us all 5 laps to close the gap. Once Iggy saw I was coming up he stopped working and sat on the back. We were so close, the group started to slow up as we were getting near. I jumped across and moved to the front and Iggy was right there. It was a long stretch of road from the last right turn. We went around the round about and two guys tried a little jump to stay away but we were moving to fast for that. I was stuck right on Iggy and started to go. As I started my sprint I was a little slow on the execution. Took a sec to go but I was third in the sprint.  There were a few guys getting away before I joined the breakaway that stayed away to the finish. A good ride, finished 8th!! My first time being top 10 in a road race in Europe FINALLY….Had another hour of training to get in miles before Ronde van Vlaams Brabant that starts this Wednesday!



  1. Blake says:

    Austin, congratulations for your top 10 finish! Keep working hard and keep the rubber side down.

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