Prologue Of Pain

Posted: August 14, 2009 in austin carroll

The prologue was what a prologue is short,fast and painful. It was a out and back TT with a tailwind on the way out the way back there was a nice headwind. For how short it is 5ks when I finished a prologue, you know that feeling you get when you do something that you have not done in years and you just do it full speed and afterwords you are breathing hard your hart rate is off the scale and you can recover right away that is how I feel when I do a prologue. I all most fell over on the start ramp the guy that went off right before me dumbed water all aver him. The ramp turned into  ice my first two pedal strokes I was like a little kid with his training wheels on a higher surface and I was not going anywhere for a good amount of time. I was lucky that I was able to ride to the start  and in the AM. It was crazy and I was not able to get my pre TT music on and a full warm up. The hole time is in the top 30. For what little Vlog is above this has a little more info. I will have a better Vlog tomorrow.


Me after the prologue

With my awesome Oakley XL Radars


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