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Posted: August 17, 2009 in austin carroll

The first stage was not a bad one. Its all about the mountains here in Spain so if it is flat they just take it easy but the way we ride on the flats is more aggressive. A put it in to the gutter kind of a race. We were rolling behind the leaders team on a long strait road all of a sudden the wind changed and it was a crosswind we all jumped and put it into the gutter all of the other guys where freaking out yelling at us they wanted it to be easy. a short time the wind was back as a headwind and we waited for the sprint. I was with Holloway the last few Ks helping him out with 1K I was done. Cole was in a little movie off the front and attacked with 600m. The finishing “hill” was a lot steeper then what we all thought it was. That 50m sing felt like for ever.

pedaleo 249

Noel in the pimp Mobile


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