Stage 4 Race Report

Posted: August 24, 2009 in austin carroll

Today was a good day for me right off the start.  Hollywood, Cole and I made the front split of 25 guys. I was feeling good right off the get go. Guys were attacking and I was following wheels. A TRASMIERA FUJI rider attacked and I was right on his wheel and there was one other guy with us. We quickly had a gap, it was the out of sight out of mind breakaway. We were on a twisty road and with a cross tailwind. At one point we had 5 minutes on the peloton. We were chasing 3 guys that were up the road, it took a while to get to them. We finally bridged the gap after a fast descent. We all were working well together. The wind was crazy, and going around a lake it was a really dry wind so it made it to be a really hot dry day. On the top of one of the last climbs we had about 2 minutes and 45 seconds. On the first switchback I was sitting 5th wheel and as I started to lean the bike over and my front end started to wash out with a flat. I did the whole unclip my foot and drag it to stay up. I had to ride the whole descent with the flat. I got my wheel changed and I was off, but that was the end of my day. I was not too happy when Noel told me that I was not going to get back on and to sit up and wait for the peloton. I was at the rolling feed zone and Noel loaded me up with food, coca’s and bottles. With 10k to go Noel told me to sit up and spin it in. After 125ks off the front I was deep in the box. Check out the Vlog of me right after we road back to the hotel!

pedaleo 164

Getting food and bottles

pedaleo 172

Going up a climb

pedaleo 257

TV coverage of the race

pedaleo 222

Rolling like a big shoot

pedaleo 260

There are as many cars here then riders

pedaleo 258

The six man break


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