Wow summer has come and gone.  it looks like today I am going to be stuck inside and training on the rollers. The cold mountain air with the rain makes it hard to ride on the track. I am not used to this weather coming from racing in Spain and being home in So Cal for the last couple weeks. It’s a bummer I am going to have to hang the flip flops for a bit but with the cold weather one thing comes to mind.  Going in circles on a smooth wooden track with my legs spinning at a high cadence and me grabbing my Madison partner and throwing him into the race at a high speed. Awe six days for not riding the track that much this summer.  I am starting where I left off in Feb. Did not take much for me to get the technique back of the Madison exchanges and spinning like a mad man. This winter is going to be full of great racing.   First stop is Medellin Colombia, YEP, South America.  Never have been there but I am excited to have the opportunity to race and get an experience that I will never forget!!


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