Running wild in Colombia

Posted: October 6, 2009 in austin carroll
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We thought we were going to be going into the jungle but there are gorillas out there so it was a no go for the jungle adventure. We went to the top of the mountain and had an awesome view of Medillen. We headed down to an old town that was up on a hill not really sure what is was but a good cultural experience.I was walking with Laura and Monique when a drunk guy wanted to talk to us and the girls ran and left me. I was being a good guy and let them get away to safety. We went to the home of Pablo Escobar where he was gunned down on his roof. I have to say this, the places I have seen in the last few years are incredible. Any how I guess I went to the jungle, the urban one. The mail we went to was big and confusing to get around.  It had  so many levels and random twisty stairs in the middle to get to the other levels. The elevators are small compared to the malls in the US of A.  Everything is much larger in the USA.  You are most likely thinking I am all over the place with this post but I am writing this on the airplane on my way home from Colombia. Oh ok so there should be a” no pass gas” on airplanes right by the non smoking signs. I am just saying the smell of air right now is not good. The girl next to me is making some funny faces and making me laugh. Lol I am going to be home for a while, crazy.  It’s going to be weird for the first week or so. There  are a handful of awesome things that I am going to be doing before I go to France. Should I give you a clue humm……?


Boys and guns


I really like this pic


The old town


Outside of Pablo Escobar home where he was killed


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