This is why

Posted: October 23, 2009 in austin carroll

Hello everyone its been a while sense I have written something on here I stared doing the videos because it is easier for me to make a VLOG then it is for me to type something out I love writhing its can get frustrating some times. I have always had a learning disability so doing this blog I can over come that and wright what I want and let you into my world as a cyclist and a person. I stared to do the videos to show a little more of what its like riding a bike for a job. Its not a normal 9 to 5 gig and I have always enjoyed film and the process of filming  and editing. Most people don’t know this if I was not cycling I would have gone to school for film. Now that it is so easy  to do all of this with simply programs to edit I have a hand full of free time that I can use it to make short vids for people to enjoy. I enjoy showing you guys my life all the fun places I get to travel and the kool thing I get to do Like photo shoots at Oakley to behind the sense at the six day. I wanted to give you the reason why I stared doing this. I don’t believe there is any other cyclist doing this. If I am wrong let me know but I appreciate you reading this. This is all me so whatever is spelt wrong this is how I wright!

I will be in France next week racing my first six day. keep checking in!!



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