France to Australia

Posted: November 15, 2009 in austin carroll

Hey I have been back from France for a week and I am already getting prepared to leave again. Racing in Grenoble was an awesome experience.  R acing at the highest level is something I have worked towards for the last two years and making it to that goal is a big accomplishment for me. The races were fast but everything was so smooth.  Racing the  Madison’s was like a fine tuned clock, there was never any big mistakes and you could close your eyes and know what was going to happen in front of you. Guy and I did not have the best kick off for our first 6 day with Guy getting sick for the first few days then myself getting sick on the last night. Besides that we had a few great days, I got 2nd in the Scratch one night and Guy won a missing out. In between racing there were shows and they were some of the best shows I have seen during a six day, all I have to say that its France! When racing starts at 9 pm and goes to 2 am and  sleeping from 4am to 12 pm and then going back to the track do start over again is a crazy life style.  I was only 3 hours off from west coast time. The jet lag coming home was not that bad and now I am recovered and heading to Australia on the 15th to race the World Cup! here is a link to a interview!





  1. colin says:

    watch some in-flight movies on the way, you are literally crossing the globe!!

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