Whats to come in 2010

Posted: January 7, 2010 in austin carroll

Hello everyone!  Its been a busy winter with track racing in France for my first pro six day and then the world cup in Australia  and then having to have some hardware  removed form my shoulder witch ended my track season early. So I have been on a unannounced break but its has been a nice change of pace to be home for more then a few days. As some of you know I have been doing vlogs of me training, racing, traveling and some of the fun random stuff  that I am doing and posting them on YouTube.com/iamaustincarroll My shoulder is doing great was able to get in a good ride in to kick off the 2010 season its going to be a exciting season with a new team and I will be doing weekly vlogs on Versus.com I am really excited to be doing this. The first videos are up on http://www.versus.com/epiccycle now. I am a all go for racing this year!!! Its going to be a great year!!!

  1. Tried to find a “contact me” place for email but couldn’t. Shoot me an email, I’m a co-writer on EpicCycle (versus) and would like to chat.

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