Melbourne Australia World Cup

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Punched in the Face

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France to Australia

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Hey I have been back from France for a week and I am already getting prepared to leave again. Racing in Grenoble was an awesome experience.  R acing at the highest level is something I have worked towards for the last two years and making it to that goal is a big accomplishment for me. The races were fast but everything was so smooth.  Racing the  Madison’s was like a fine tuned clock, there was never any big mistakes and you could close your eyes and know what was going to happen in front of you. Guy and I did not have the best kick off for our first 6 day with Guy getting sick for the first few days then myself getting sick on the last night. Besides that we had a few great days, I got 2nd in the Scratch one night and Guy won a missing out. In between racing there were shows and they were some of the best shows I have seen during a six day, all I have to say that its France! When racing starts at 9 pm and goes to 2 am and  sleeping from 4am to 12 pm and then going back to the track do start over again is a crazy life style.  I was only 3 hours off from west coast time. The jet lag coming home was not that bad and now I am recovered and heading to Australia on the 15th to race the World Cup! here is a link to a interview!





Some vids from the past week

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Crazy Masked Man

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What a great week

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This has been an awesome week in France to race my first pro six day  @kassemg is following me on twitter plus @jefftakeover is to. Two of the big YouTubers but Jeff has given me some big shout out on twitter and his Vlog and subed to me! Tonight is going to be the first night its starts at 6 but I have to be there around 2 and I will be at the track till 3am how crazy is that! Grenoble is a beautiful town with some great views I am going to say it again this would have been the race to come to Mom and Dad you alway say you want to come watch well this would have been the tottle


Yeah the Alps I can see them form my bed!!!

Having a great time at the six days of Grenoble when I get more then two hours free in the day I am going to wright a nice post for you guys to read! This is just a taste of what goes on durning the night!