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Trip to the Delhaize AKA Euro grocery store the supplies to survive  at the house in Europe. This is from a while back! I have a hand full of VLOGS that I have not posted because I do think you want to be bombard with a wave of Vlogs from me LOL!

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Posted: June 11, 2009 in austin carroll
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There has been a lot going on the last two weeks good and bad I had two bad crashes one was on a recovery ride I hit some oil while I was on around about fell on my face. Stayed up on Saturday while racing Roubaix Iggy crashed in front  of me and broke my bars. Not the best was to finish the trip but I am looking at the big picture  and I can say not to bad I am happy with it. I have taken some time off  the bike and loving it BUT its time to start again. Its been nice to be home for a while and get to play with my dog Zoey and see family and friends.

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USA Cycling has announced a revamped track program designed primarily to expand international track racing opportunities for emerging talent. With an emphasis on cultivating the next generation of U.S. track riders, the program will closely align itself with existing European-based development programs currently utilized by USA Cycling and provide increased exposure to world-class competition at various non-traditional events. Click here to read more on USA Cycling’s revitalized track program.

East and Carroll earned the overall win at the
UIV Three-day in Dortmund, Germany.
USA Cycling is happy to announce the success of its Madison Clinic which marked the official beginning of its U23 Madison Program. The instructional camp took place at the ADT Event Center Velodrome, Oct 7-9 with seventeen individuals participating in both classroom and riding sessions. The camp was designed as an opportunity to scout and educate riders interested in inclusion in the U23 program, but was open to all riders 17 years and older from any category. Click here for more on USA Cycling’s latest track clinic.

The U.S. Madison pairing of Guy East (Indianapolis, Ind.) and Austin Carroll (Orange, Calif.) completed their overall victory in the UIV U23 Dortmund three-day on Nov. 2. The victory gave USA Cycling’s recently initiated Madison Program the first major success for its newly-revamped program. For more information on the first-ever U.S. UIV victory visit USA Cycling’s National Develolpment Team website

copy from USA cycling…

Its crazy that there are so many first out there in the world

This weekend was my first race was tour of  Murrieta. The start of the crit was good  I stayed in the pack the hole race. The wind stared to pick up and gaps were opening  up and after closing a few of them my legs were done. The next day was a lot better the crit shocked my system and got me going. I had the same plain as the day before just to sit in. We had 17 laps from the start. I did not doing anything for the first part of the race then there was a brake with 7 6 5 4 laps to go. The team had 4 guys in the break so I stared to flow attacks. With the break well up the road I slipped back and enjoyed my first  Road Race I finished 54. I was happy with my ride. This weekend I will be racing the LA circuit race.