About Austin Carroll

Hey, here are some things that you need to know about ME. Austin Carroll is my name and I am a professional cyclist. I live in the OC in a town called Orange I have been riding bikes for as long as I can remember. I started BMX when I was a little guy, but it all really started out on the road when I was 12. I would go on road rides with my grandma and uncle. My grandma still rides to this day, kool huh!! Fast Forward a year or so. At the end of 8th grade I got a job at Switchback a bike shop near my house. This is where I learned how to race MTB every Tuesday and Thursday. The owner Tim would push me around showing me what a bike can really do. Tim is a good friend that helps me all the time. FF, around the end of 9th and beginning of 10th I got on Devo/Balance Bar. I raced for John Kemp for 3 years. After my first elite tracks nats I signed with RockRacing. That’s the short version about me.This blog is for Family,Friends and THE FANS. you will read my latest races,stories,adventures!

Thank you

Austin Carroll

Bike RidesLong Walks On The Beach with ZoeyDriving my car like Im on a bikeTry to be kool 24/7Waving when another cyclist rides by going the other way Im that guy.
RacingMusicTravelingArtBroadway MusicalsPlays,Comedy
Favorite Music:
like it allAmy Macdonald30H!3 there awesomeThe knux,The Von BondiesThe White tie AffairThe Gaslight Anthem,Blink 182Green DayNewton FaulknerNo DoubtKanye West,Freaky AgeIgiu & HartlyLykke LiThe FrayHollywood Undead
Favorite TV Shows:
Heroes is the only show I have seen every episode
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:
do not read my door stops
Favorite Quotations:
“When everything hurts what is a little more pain going to do.”

Austin Carroll

  1. John Stone says:

    Where can i go to purchase a Rock and Republic cycling kit?? The jerseys are awesome!!



  2. most likely next year i think

  3. Josh says:

    Do you guys have a team website?

    Do you guys get free jeans?

  4. we do have a team website rockracing.com its not up yet but soon yes. yes we do get jeans

  5. Josh says:

    Looks like Rock Racing is the best pro team to race for in terms of perks. Who the hell wants free Liquigas or Discovery Channel DVDs??

  6. Chris says:

    Hey man,

    Saw you guys at the CSC. Congrats on the successes you and the team are having. You’re definitely getting noticed for both yor riding and the way you roll.

    So like everyone else is asking – Where the hell can I get a jersey?

  7. Jason says:

    I’m looking high and low for a Rock Racing Kit as well…are they available for purchase anywhere yet? You guys rock !

  8. JP says:

    LIKED YOUR RIDES………….!!!! Both the 2 and 4 wheel kind. Saw you in Winston-Salem, NC on 8-05-07 at Carrabba’s. Nice parking…………………just kidding, lot of $$$$$ there!!!! Alright, now the still infamous question, where can i get a T or jersey?? Lots of luck to you guys!

  9. scottpatton says:


    I need to get in touch with you! Can you shoot me an email? scott at fixedgearfever.com

    Thanks bro!


  10. Hey Austin !

    I hope you are having fun in Europe………..I love following your blog and your photos, keep it up so we can watch where you are. Have fun !


  11. Hi Austin!
    You “cool” grandma was just on our Holland Bike and Barge trip and I think I know where you get your “good” genes from!
    She is a terrific cyclist and not to mention very nice lady.
    Anyway- she always talks about you and it’s quite evident that she’s extremely proud of your accomplishment. She told us to look-up your blog- so here we are for a visit and to give you kudos for making it on the pro-Euro racing circuit!

  12. Lefever Christ says:

    caroll, you’re a hard worker, doing so on
    shows what you can

  13. Madonna and Brian Carroll says:

    Hey Austin – Looks like life is treating you pretty well these days! You look great. Allyson says Hi She still wants you to come to school so you can talk to her class! The family picture is still in her bedroom. We would love to come see you race sometime let us know your schedule and if close by MI or IL we could probably make it. Is that Pete’s dog in the picture? We are very proud of you and hope to hear from you soon. Our home e-mail address is: madonnac4@comcast.net. Take care of yourself and stay healthy! Madonna, Brian and Allyson

  14. joyceke says:

    I’m Joyce Foubert, a cycliste from Belgium.
    You can see on my website http://www.foubert1.be
    I’ve seen you riding in Gent with Guy East.
    Congratulations, well done!
    Do you and Guy have an email-address to chat?
    Would you please give it to me?
    Kiss Joyce x!

  15. Ben King says:

    Haha I love that you quoted yourself… wise words.

  16. Hey, Just got home form a ride telling my wife about the amazing Rockn Republic jersey bib combo’s at the shop we met at. Focus Cyclery in Gilbert AZ. Not cheap….$199 jersey and $229 bibs. I told my wife if she can have their $400 jeans I can get the cycling garb. Hope this helps!

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